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METRONOM’s area of activity is the rental of truck cranes and equipment, as well as repairs of transport and lifting equipment, designing and production of warning and limiting installations in accordance with the authorisation no. 204 from 30.05.1994, issued by I.S.C.I.R.

Thus, according to legal provisions and to the technical prescription PT R1-2003, following the verifications performed and specified in the inspection certificate no. 810R-226 from 01.06.2006, our firm is authorised to perform repairs of self-propelled cranes with a maximum load of 140 t as well as to provide technical supervision services for this type of activities.

We have obtained up to now the ISO 9001/2001, ISO 14001/2005 and ISO 18001/2004 certifications. Another major concern was to provide the company with the necessary equipment so that the activities of repairs and production would run in optimal conditions. Thus, METRONOM has currently a perfect framework that fits the company’s profile.

Autorizatia ISCIR (2010)

ISCIR Authorisation no. TM/CR4/C/24/0020/0/0.06.2010

Domain: Repairs of self-propelled cranes without running tracks with a maximum load of 250 t

ISO 9001 (2008)

SR EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Quality Management System

ISO 14001 (2005)

SR EN ISO 14001:2005 Certification

Environmental Management System

ISO 18001 (2008)

SR OHSAS 18001:2008 Certification

Occupational health and safety management system

Autorizatie furnizor feroviar 2015

Railway industry supplier authorisation

Constructions, repairs and maintenance of railway beds and rail-side protections

Series AF no. 6548 from 26.01.2015

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